How to make sense of complex EC2 Instance Pricing – part 1

AWS EC2 instance pricing always goes down – or does it? Explaining EC2 pricing, and debunking cloud pricing myths. EC2 instance pricing A beginner’s guide (part 1) AWS’ pioneering Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2, has very complex pricing.   This EC2 … Read More

Intel Chip Flaw Drives Volatility in Cloud Cost Expectations

Could the flaw in Intel’s chip designs cause a major change in cloud services prices? The Register’s John Leyden and Chris Williams broke news that a serious flaw has been found which impacts Linux, Windows and MacOS. Both Linux and … Read More

Strategic Blue celebrates best ever year

Strategic Blue celebrates best ever year 2017 has been a landmark year for Strategic Blue.  Record trading revenues, record consulting revenues, record profitability, and serious traction with partners. This demonstrates that whilst we were far too early to market in 2009, … Read More

Strategic Blue achieves Advanced Partner status with AWS

Strategic Blue achieves Advanced Partner status with AWS Since 2010, Strategic Blue has been intermediating between the standardized selling preferences of Amazon Web Services, and the customized buying preferences of AWS users.  Our ability to step into the billing chain … Read More

RI arbitrage

Arbitraging AWS Reserved Instances

Arbitraging AWS Reserved Instances At Strategic Blue, we are often asked whether we offer RI Arbitrage services for other AWS Resellers and Channel Partners.  The answer is both yes and no, due to confusion around the term “arbitrage”. As former … Read More

Cloud Roadmap Cover

Roadmap towards Transparent Cloud Pricing

Roadmap towards Transparent Cloud Pricing Strategic Blue, in association with its partners in CloudWatch2, are pleased to announce the publication of the final version of our Roadmap Towards a Cloud Market Encouraging Transparent Pricing. This is the culmination of … Read More

The Cloud Procurement Iceberg – Procuring Public Cloud

The Cloud Procurement Iceberg Do you ever get the impression that procuring public cloud is not quite as straightforward as the salespeople make out? Do you ever wonder what is hidden behind the surface? In theory, a corporate user of … Read More

Too much cloud price transparency?

Too much cloud price transparency? Can cloud providers offer so much price transparency that they somehow then become less transparent? Sounds like a contradiction in terms, but AWS’ announcement of “per second billing” for some of their virtual machine instances … Read More

Strategic Blue enters the JPMorgan Chase Challenge

Strategic Blue’s “Chase Team”   Wishing the best of luck to the Strategic Blue team at tonight’s JP Morgan Chase Challenge in Battersea Park, London.

Committed-Use Discounts arrive at Google Compute Platform

Committed-Use Discounts arrive at Google Google has just announced a new “Committed-Use Discount” pricing model for its Google Compute Platform virtual machine instances.   Now this is going to be a little bit awkward, as Google Compute Platform’s “Sustained Usage … Read More