Strategic Blue

Strategic Blue was founded in 2009 by former commodity pricing experts at Morgan Stanley.  We are funded by private individuals from the banking, hedge fund, oil and IT systems integration industries.  We are also an alumnus company of the prestigious Techstars Cloud accelerator in Texas.

The Strategic Blue team behind Cloud Options…

JohnJohn Woodley – Co-founder & Board Advisor

John is an investor and board advisor at Strategic Blue.  He is a former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, where he was co-Head of non-oil commodities for EMEA.  He was the first person to be hired by a Wall Street bank from a power utility, becoming a founder member of the Morgan Stanley electricity trading desk.  John is one of the world’s foremost authorities on commodity market development and the pricing of non-standard pseudo-commodity products.

DrJamesMitchellDr James Mitchell – Co-founder & CEO

James was hired into Morgan Stanley’s commodities division by John Woodley, who mentored James through over $500 million of structured commodities deals, each of which was a first of its kind at Morgan Stanley. These included major off-takes of power from credit-constrained generators, long-term shaped electricity sales to independent suppliers, and a major investment in Atlantis, a renewable energy company. James holds a 1st class M.Sci. in Experimental and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University and a D.Phil. in DNA Nanotechnology from Oxford University. James blogs on the parallels between cloud computing and other utilities that trade as commodities.


SamSam Kingston – Board Advisor

Sam, a former CIO for East Midlands Electricity has held a series of senior international roles at SAIC, Oracle, EDS, Unisys and Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems International) across Europe, Africa, the Americas and Australasia. His broad management experience includes growing and restructuring Consulting Services, IT Services and Process Outsourcing businesses with a strong emphasis on building sustainability and staff development. Sam holds an honours degree in Chemistry, Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Polymer Science and has co-authored several scientific publications in addition holding a number of technology/process patents.

RichardRichard Griffin – Board Advisor

Richard advises us on how to develop our trading systems at Strategic Blue. He joins us from the commodities trading desk at Morgan Stanley where he was Head of Trading for power, gas and related commodities in Europe. His background is as a developer of regulatory trading systems at Morgan Stanley and before that at the Bank of England.


PaulPaul Wilson – Engineering

Paul manages the databases and billing engines that collect our client’s usage data from the cloud providers and generates the tailored invoices showing our client’s usage for each of their clouds. He formerly led a team of developers at a leading pensions software company. Paul holds a M.Sci. in Physics from Imperial College London.

AledaAleda Kay – Operations

Aleda runs back office and manages client identification and approach. She was previously Senior Commercial Strategy Analyst and Multinational Sales Manager at Virgin Atlantic Airways. She has also worked at KPMG and as a Research Assistant at Loughborough University.Aleda holds a B.Sc. in Economics from Loughborough University.

TomPrevarinTom Prevarin – Pricing

Tom runs our pricing analysis for both our Cloud Options trading service, and our Cloud Options Pricing Insights service.  He was formerly a senior pricing analyst at Panduit, a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure for computing, electricity and telecommunications.  Tom holds a B.Sc in Business & Economics from the University of Trieste.