Bridging the Generations – AWS d2 instances

Bridging the Generations AWS’ new d2 instances bridge the gap between previous generation pricing and current generation instance pricing.AWS recently launched the d2 instance family, the largest of which is the new d2.8xlarge which is the successor to hs1.8xlarge, with … Read More

Pricing Insights for Equity Research Analysts

In April 2015, (AMZN) finally started breaking out separate figures for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) business in its quarterly financial statements.  This showed that AWS made up 5.22% of worldwide AMZN revenue for 2014. Modelling AWS standalone How … Read More

Join Strategic Blue at Datacloud 2015 Monaco

Cloud should be traded as a commodity.Join us on June 3rd – 4th at Datacloud 2015 in Monaco as we put forward the case for cloud computing to be traded no differently from oil, gas or coal.

Kentucky University selects Strategic Blue

Kentucky University selects Strategic BlueThe University of Kentucky have announced the appointment of Strategic Blue as their financial cloud brokers, following the successful completion of a competitive RFP process. We tendered for a financial cloud broker, to help us set up … Read More

37% interest rate for AWS to finance your Reserved Instances

Yesterday, AWS announced major changes to its Reserved Instances, decommissioning Light and Medium Utilisation, and bringing in different financing options for the Heavy Utilisation Reserved Instances. Here is our qualitative analysis we put out last night, as part of our … Read More

AWS Shakes Up Reserved Instances

AWS has very quietly made not one by two HUGE changes to its EC2 Reserved Instances. No more Light and Medium Reserved InstancesAWS have announced that from 2nd February 2015 it will no longer sell Light and Medium Utilization Reserved … Read More

Cloud and Hash – an unlikely comparison

Ever a fan of obscure analogues to the cloud computing industry, I read a brilliant article in the Economist on the burgeoning legalised cannabis industry in the US states of Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington. The main thrust of the … Read More

AWS Didn’t Drop EC2 Price – Who’s Gonna Tell Finance?

It is the Monday following the AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. The dust has settled, and most attendees have recovered from their hangovers. Countless announcements were made…but there was one that was expected by many, but did not happen … Read More

Cloudyn lands $4MM funding

Our cloud cost management partner, Cloudyn, just landed $4MM in Series A funding from Titanium Investments and existing investor RDSeed.Cloudyn CEO, Sharon Wagner has big plans for the additional funding, extending their services which currently focus on AWS, GCE and … Read More

CloudCamp London – James Mitchell on Information Brokerage

Last week’s Cloudcamp London was all about the increasingly blurred distinction between finance companies (loosely labelled as “banks”) and technology companies.  Here are James Mitchell’s slides from his lightning talk making the point that a tech company is really all … Read More