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Cloud Options featured in with Fedr8

Strategic Blue recently announced a collaboration with Fedr8, the company behind Argentum.  Ian Murphy at picked up on the story, and has written a terrific article.  He encapsulates why Argentum’s ability to identify workable cloud services for a given application fits so well with Strategic Blue’s Cloud Options service that provides fixed prices for… Read More »

Cloudyn users take their next cloud step with Cloud Options

Cloud Cost Management – a 5 step guide

Why is it that some people say that cloud computing is cheap, whilst others say that cloud computing is really expensive?  Well, it is cheap if you do follow the procedures outlined below, and it is expensive if you do not! Step 1 – Test and Dev If you want to just try something out,… Read More »

Electric Fence Cloud

GCE Pricing – like touching an electric fence!

We have received a steady stream of questions about Google Compute Engine and their Sustained Usage Pricing, most of them asking whether this was going to replace the “Reserved Instances” pricing structure championed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). For those readers who may not be amateur cloud pricing enthusiasts, let me explain the various pricing… Read More »

AWS S3 Price Analysis by Region

AWS S3 – which region to choose?

We revealed in a recent blog post that the huge bulk discount that used to be available to major users of Amazon S3 had collapsed to less than 10%.  In this post, we go on to look at which region the price-sensitive buyer of AWS S3 storage should select for their data. Amazon S3 Pricing… Read More »


AWS S3 Volume Discounts have almost vanished!

We were doing some work for a client, trying to show them the benefits of using AWS’ “Consolidated Billing” feature to consolidate disparate AWS accounts under a single Master Paying Account.  One of the easiest consolidation benefits to understand is for S3 pricing, where as you store more TB of data, you pass thresholds into lower… Read More »

Joe Weinman moderating the Cloud Market Forum

Do CIOs value their Cloud Options?

We have recently been engaged by a CIO who is looking to decommission an aging datacenter and move to the cloud, or at least to move to managed services. He had attended the CloudMarketForum summit (video here) that we ran last year in San Francisco, and wanted us to brief his team on some of… Read More »

Mount Olympus

Do mere mortals have a good view of the cloud?

I’m looking forward to this week’s visit to Olympia in London, where the Cloud World Forum will attract not only the immortals of the cloud world (often known as the “Clouderati”) to share their views from the stage, but also thousands of cloud practitioners who are simply trying to make sense of what cloud is,… Read More »

How steep will cloud pricing be

66% price drop in 5 years – m1.large. What about m3.large over the next 5 years?

The on-demand price for an m1.large AWS EC2 instance in US-East is now only a third of what it was 5 years ago – a 66% drop in price.  m1.large are likely to be phased out in the near future, being replaced by the new generation m3.large instances. So here is the question, “Where will… Read More »


C3 instances premium priced for Windows in US-West-2

As a financial cloud broker, it is pretty crucial to invoice your customers the right amount.  This is after all, “what we do”, based on the tailored terms we agree with each client.  So we spend a lot of time analysing the pricing data, checking for consistency and accuracy.  One aspect of cloud pricing that… Read More »

Cloud pricing does not always go down, at least not in GBP or EUR

AWS EC2 Pricing does not always go down…if priced in GBP or EUR

It is commonly assumed that the price of cloud has always gone down, and in fact will continue to always go down.  Moore’s Law is often cited as a reason for this.  This may well be true, at least for those who care about the USD price of cloud. However, what about we Europeans whose… Read More »