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EU Regulation will splinter Cloud Market

The New York Times reported yesterday “Europe Aims to Regulate the Cloud”. They discuss the recent appearance of the words “Cloud Computing” in a proposed amendment to the 119 page digital privacy regulation being put before the European Commission. Amendments include: “all transfers of data” from a cloud in the European Union to a cloud… Read More »

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Why CME backed 6fusion’s IaaS Marketplace

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME, today announced its involvement with the 6fusion IaaS Marketplace. CMEgroup would be participating in the development of this proto-financial exchange for IaaS resources alongside other market participants including cloud providers, sophisticated end-users and financial cloud brokers such as Strategic Blue. So firstly, who is the CMEgroup? Well, they are a… Read More »


Strategic Blue first cloud broker on 6fusion IaaS Marketplace

Strategic Blue is pleased to announce that it has partnered with 6fusion to offer financial cloud brokerage services on their IaaS Marketplace. Click here to read more


Cloud is the Next Oil

Ben Kepes hosts a panel on how cloud can be traded like a commodity, with Dr James Mitchell, CEO of Strategic Blue, and John Cowan, CEO of 6fusion. Link to video and transcript here.

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Cloud Futures – getting to know the market

Cloud is set to be traded as a commodity,so what does the CIO need to know? Max Cooter of CloudPro takes a look at the cloud futures market.


Topiary for Technologists – a guide to cloud hedging – Part 2

The cloud computing market is growing up.  But just like every adolescent, its component parts aren’t all growing at the same rate, so at times during growth spurts, an adolescent market can look a little peculiar.   The road to maturity is not always an easy one. In brand new markets, buyers make their purchases directly… Read More »


Who are you, Cloud Broker?

Ofir Nachmani discusses “Who are you, Cloud Broker?”


Topiary for Technologists – a guide to cloud hedging – Part 1

Topiary for Technologists – a guide to cloud hedging – Part 1 Anyone who has to compile a budget, a firm price bid or any other kind of financial projection has been asked to predict the future in a chaotic world. Some people are lucky enough to operate businesses with such fat margins that budgets… Read More »


Why is “Commodity” an offensive word in IT?

Why is “Commodity” an offensive word in IT? I’m a physicist, turned weather derivatives analyst, turned commodities deal originator who now finds himself in the world of IT. I find that in IT, the word “commodity” is a derogatory term.  Certainly those people who build products or deliver services that are being described as becoming… Read More »


GreenQloud announces it will offer Strategic Blue’s Cloud Options service to its customers

GreenQloud, the world’s first Truly Green(tm) public compute and data storage cloud, today announces it will offer Strategic Blue’s Cloud Options service to its customers. Bala Kamallakharan, CEO of GreenQloud commented, “GreenQloud has proven that being green in the cloud can be cost competitive, both for on demand usage, and long-term committed usage. To help… Read More »